“With four hands that create a musical tapestry of interwoven textures, they have become one of the most pleasing and entertaining guitar duos performing and recording today.”  James Filkins - www.minor7th.com

Something very unique& beautiful happens when a classical & acoustic guitar play together. Something about the fingernails on the nylon and the flesh on the steel that creates a sound that is rarely heard.However - Skanson & Hansen have indeed found this sound. They bring their audiences this fresh, rich, original musical style called double-finger style guitar. That’s right - they’re both playing melody, chords, & bass at the same time. It’s orchestral as well as funky!!

    Skanson & Hansen combines Darren Curtis Skanson and Gregg Hansen into a dynamic duo. They perform exciting, intricate, and beautiful guitar duets of popular 60's and 70's tunes, classical pieces, and original compositions. Each have played a lifetime of music & a world of styles to bring fresh & innovative instrumental arrangements to timeless classics like... 

- Bach’s “Bouree” becomes funky-jazz

- Dylan’s “ Blowin’ in the Wind” becomes country -rock

- Leornard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” becomes Motown

- Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World” becomes a Hawaiian ukele feel ....just to name a few

     This dynamic duo also draws from Spanish, Celtic, reggae, calypso, gospel and rock-n-roll....just to name a few.

   Darren & Gregg will delight you with masterful guitar playing & funny & interesting stories about the music, their instruments, and what happened on the way to the gig. Their motto is “Two Guitars Can Change The World"

For booking or CD sales, call 720-941-6088

BIG NEWS!!! Skanson & Hansen went to Abbey Road Studios in London to record the world's first double finger-style guitar cd! It is their Magical Mystery Adventure. Click here to find out all about it!

On March 13th, 2016, Skanson & Hansen flew to London and Abbey Road Studios for 4 days ofintensive recording of the world's first double finger-style guitar cd of Beatle arrangements

"Eight Days In A Week"! After they completed their recording sessions, they hit the road, exploring London and Liverpool in an “over-the-top” 8-day week of visiting historic Beatles and English landmarks. They recorded "All You Need Is Love" at the top of the London Eye, played Blackbird at Stonehenge,  and to cap it off, performed a very special Skanson & Hansen concert and recording at the Cavern Club in Liverpool where the Mop Tops shot to stardom! 

Now, Skanson & Hansen is proud to have available their Magical Mystery Adventure photo tour book and 78 minute double length cd package. The book is a 12” X 12” vinyl album size coffee table book with 88 pages of over 180 unique photos highlighting the inside of Abbey Road Studio, The Cavern Club, Liverpool, Stonehenge, &  London. The CD has 75 minutes of Skanson & Hansen's instrumental double fingerstyle re-inventions of Beatle classics recorded at Abbey Road, live at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, and a special recording of "All You Need Is Love" from atop The London Eye. Included now until they are gone, get an actual ticket from their concert at The Cavern Club with every package purchased.


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