I would like to participate in your event as a grounds performer. I play Classical, Spanish, and Flamenco guitar at events nation wide either solo or with my trio that also includes a violinist and a cellist. I have 20 years of experience in these types of venues.

I have received national recognition in Billboard magazine as one the best selling guitarists in the country. In fact, my music is probably being played on the Classical/ National Public Radio station in your city. All together, I bring the highest quality and most sophisticated presentation you will find. I perform for free, simply exchanging the opportunity to sell my CD’s to your event patrons.

I am completely self-contained requiring neither electricity nor a stage, simply a space as small as 10X5 in a quiet location of the festival. I prefer to be in a space with the other product (not food) vendors where I would play music that is soft, peaceful, and does not distract. But rather, enhances the visual artist’s interaction with their customers. I also strive to strengthen the image of your event to your patrons as the highest of quality.

Please feel free to call any of these event coordinators for a reference: Mark Beling, Breckenridge Arts Festivals, (970) 453-5637, Linda Dunne-Browne, Colorado Main Events-719-475-0955.!

Finally, I take my professionalism very seriously and I strictly follow the rules set by you, the coordinator.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,

Darren Curtis Skanson 720-941-6088