"Having Skanson and Hansen at our home was a magical and memorable event.  Our friends are still talking about it a year later. It was intimate and casual while being outstanding musical skill to listen to and watch up close...awesome!" - Laura R. Denver, CO

A house/patio concert is a great live music listening concept that is growing fast all around the world.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Friends are invited to someone's house (usually around 40 guests) for an intimate concert. It may include a potluck of snacks and beverages and is a great chance to get to know the artists personally.
  2. There is a reasonable charge per person for the event, all of which goes to the artists.

It's a great way to enjoy top quality music and entertainment without the hassle of fee-paid parking lots, lines, crowds, and uncomfortable seating ... not to mention the cost of any snacks at a public venue ... sounds awesome right?

Skanson & Hansen would love to come and perform for you in your home.

We require a minimum fee of $600 for the evening plus any of our merchandise that we can sell. That fee is assuming your home is within a 50 mile radius of downtown Denver. Homes outside of that radius will require some travel expenses that can be discussed later. The fee is recoupable to you, the home owner, via ticket sales. We suggest a $15/person ticket/donation structure. This is gauged at 40 guests. If you are comfortable, we can market the concert to our list to help fill the seats, but that is completely up to you. Any amount of ticket sales above the $600 mark will go to Skanson & Hansen.

Once we decide to explore the idea further together, we will schedule a time to come to your home to discuss the particulars of the concert.

Things to consider: availability of chairs, parking for guests, and monetary deposit (usually 1/3rd down) to hold your date. 


"We have received an extraordinary amount of beautiful, thought-filled, heartfelt thank you notes on the concert, all mentioning how much they liked the concert. I’ve had big parties before, but I’ve never received so many thank you notes as this. Everyone loved you!" - Sandi, Boulder, CO


Call now and let's get started creating a memorable night!

Gregg 720-366-1085 or Darren 303-324-5956.


"I just wanted to thank Skanson and Hansen and all my guests,  for appearing in my backyard Saturday night and making it the amazing, memorable night it was. I hope it changed your world for at least one night as it did mine. I didn't want it to end.  

As I looked at my backyard yesterday, such warm memories filled my mind and heart as we all absorbed the beauty of the music and ambience of the evening together.  And as promised the full moon showed up! Again thanks for making such a beautiful memory for me.  We might have to make this a yearly event! 

Thank you Skanson and Hansen for blessing and help to change the world (one concert at a time) with your music." - Sheri, Westminster, CO