Darren Curtis Skanson & Gregg Hansen have come together to create a fresh, inventive, and inviting new sound.The combination of nylon classical and steel stringed acoustic guitars creates a soothing tapestry for their original double-fingerstyle arrangements.Each tune is carefully crafted by the dynamic duo to give them their own uniqueness while retaining familiarity.For Skanson & Hansen - it’s about the melody!

 Even though the music is instrumental, Skanson & Hansen still choose songs with rich lyrical content. Playing nostalgia means people tend to sing along - SkH want to put a pleasing, positive lyric in the air and on the lips of their listeners.

BIG NEWS! New CD recorded at Abbey Road in London. -  On March 13th, 2016, the guys will fly to London and Abbey Road Studios for 4 days of intensive recording of the world's first double finger-style guitar cd of Beatle arrangements.

On their previous four Skanson & Hansen double finger-style CD’s, they have re-imagined and restructured dozens of timeless songs, but, at their concerts, the audience request they hear most often is for a full CD of exclusively Beatle arrangements. So SK&H went right to work; not merely covering Beatles’ songs, but uncovering the musical roots and inspirations that made each song so popular and memorable. To make the Abbey Road Project even more authentic, they are recording these new arrangements where the magic was first created - Abbey Road Studios London, England; in the same studio where the Beatles recorded all their music.

Skanson & Hansen has reserved Abbey Road’s "Studio Two" from March 13th through the 16th of 2016. So they are committed and are looking for a "A Little Help From..." their friends – and, of course, life-long Beatlemaniacs – to help make this project a reality.

Please help us record these loving reinventions of the greatest pop music ever created. Together, it will be our “Magical Mystery Adventure”. Click here to read all about it!

Here is one of the arrangements they will record....

NEW RELEASE - Winter Of Love Vol. 2. Our newest collection of holiday double finger-style arrangements. Along with classical hymns and jazzy standards we have had a blast exploring some of the more modern rock-n-roll and country offerings. From the Beach Boys to Alabama, Kenny Rogers to Reba McEntire, we’ll have you snappin’. tappin, and singin’ along throughout this special time of year.

Skanson & Hansen has released 4 other CD's - "HEART MEDICINE” along with their first two CD's  - "WOOD" & “TWO GUITARS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” . They all have sold several thousand copies around the world as has their Holiday CD - “WINTER of LOVE”!


For CD sales via phone call 720-941-6088. Otherwise use the "ADD TO CART" links below.

Winter Of Love Volume 2 Samples

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“Listening to Heart Medicine, I kept thinking that, rather than hearing guitarists playing, I was listening to the guitars themselves singing. Skanson & Hansen have found the soul in each of their brilliantly composed duets and, through instrumental virtuosity, use their fingers and strings to bring forth the spirit and voice of each song.” Each arrangement on Heart Medicine is so fresh, so ingenious and expressive that I found myself hearing favorite songs for the first time again. Your heart will sing...” ~Martin J. Higgins Writer,Producer,Director

"Heart Medicine" samples.

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“The opening track of their CD, 'Wood', a refined rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' that captures the joy that is at once exhilarating and aching with an understated power opens the door to the symbiotic artistic chemistry that exists between these two musicians. Once again Skanson & Hansen have pulled together an eclectic range of titles to imbue with new life from Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing" to Duke Ellington's "Caravan" and Willie Nelson's "Crazy". from James Filkins, review of "Wood" for www.minor7th.com

Samples from "Wood" by Skanson & Hansen

Skanson & Hansen "Wood" by Skanson & Hansen

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Samples from "Two Guitars Can Change The World" by Skanson & Hansen

"Two Guitars Can Change The World" by Skanson & Hansen

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 Samples from "Winter Of Love"

Skanson & Hansen "Winter Of Love" by Skanson & Hansen

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BIG NEWS!!! Skanson & Hansen are going to Abbey Road Studios in London to record the world's first double finger-style guitar cd! It is their Magical Mystery Adventure. Click here to find out all about it!

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        “ I can’t take your CD out of my car! It’s so soothing and relaxing - and I can sing along.” ...B. Title, Longmont, CO